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Image by Andrew S
  • Are dogs allowed.
    Dogs are not allowed! The surface of the lookout steps is bar grating and the surface of the decking is expanded metal. Dogs may not be comfortable traversing this material and may be very hesitant to do so.
  • What size is the lookout Cabs?
    Each cab is 9.5' x 19.5' and they are spaced about 9' apart.
  • Food?
    The basics are supplied, such as oils and some seasoning. Coffee and tea are provided.
  • Do you have Wi-Fi?
    Yes, It's Starlink.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located at 639 Jacks Road, Epworth, GA 30541.
  • How Remote is the Preserve?
    It's very remote! No lights or structures are visible from the lookout. It is unlikely that you will see anyone on the lookout property during your stay.
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