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Where Nature Meets Luxury

River Forest Lookout_edited.png

The Lookout

Two shipping containers (Cabs) transformed into a Mid Century Modern minimalist Tiny House in the trees. The Main Cab has floor to ceiling glass on three walls !It has a kitchenette, dining area and bed. The Bath Cab has a large bathroom with a shower, toilet and vanity. A balcony faces the River and has a large grill just feet from the kitchenette. Both Cabs are heated and have hot running water. The Main cab has a tiny wood stove for extra warmth on cold nights and a large skylight directly over the bed.

From the Lookout you will enjoy sunrises, sunsets, and the stars above from this paradise in the trees. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Jacks River with spectacular views of a waterfall and cascades along the River. Take in the sounds of rushing water from the main Cab and the roof deck.


The Retreat

Be sure to explore the retreat.  You can walk along Jacks River and the Conasauga Creek, both of which run through the entire retreat.  The Conasauga flows into the Jacks within the retreat.  If you can brave the cold water of the “Jacks”, there is a wonderful swimming hole just below the waterfall, for a let’s just say - exhilarating experience.


Rooftop Deck

  • The Roof Top Deck provides 360 degree views of the vast forest surrounding the retreat.Enjoy the lounge chairs and propane fire pit wile gazing at the stars on the roof top deck.

  • For your convenience a Lift Basket powered by a motorized hoist is available to move your belongings from the base of the lookout to the main deck. No lugging belongings up the stairs at this lookout.

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